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Orthographic variants: UUganda ganda aganda bganda cganda dganda eganda fganda gganda hganda iganda jganda kganda lganda mganda nganda oganda pganda qganda rganda sganda tganda uganda vganda wganda xganda yganda zganda Ugganda Uanda Uaanda Ubanda Ucanda Udanda Ueanda Ufanda Uganda Uhanda Uianda Ujanda Ukanda Ulanda Umanda Unanda Uoanda Upanda Uqanda Uranda Usanda Utanda Uuanda Uvanda Uwanda Uxanda Uyanda Uzanda Ugaanda Ugnda Uganda Ugbnda Ugcnda Ugdnda Ugenda Ugfnda Uggnda Ughnda Uginda Ugjnda Ugknda Uglnda Ugmnda Ugnnda Ugonda Ugpnda Ugqnda Ugrnda Ugsnda Ugtnda Ugunda Ugvnda Ugwnda Ugxnda Ugynda Ugznda Ugannda Ugada Ugaada Ugabda Ugacda Ugadda Ugaeda Ugafda Ugagda Ugahda Ugaida Ugajda Ugakda Ugalda Ugamda Uganda Ugaoda Ugapda Ugaqda Ugarda Ugasda Ugatda Ugauda Ugavda Ugawda Ugaxda Ugayda Ugazda Ugandda Ugana Uganaa Uganba Uganca Uganda Uganea Uganfa Uganga Uganha Ugania Uganja Uganka Uganla Uganma Uganna Uganoa Uganpa Uganqa Uganra Ugansa Uganta Uganua Uganva Uganwa Uganxa Uganya Uganza Ugandaa Ugand Uganda Ugandb Ugandc Ugandd Ugande Ugandf Ugandg Ugandh Ugandi Ugandj Ugandk Ugandl Ugandm Ugandn Ugando Ugandp Ugandq Ugandr Ugands Ugandt Ugandu Ugandv Ugandw Ugandx Ugandy Ugandz