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Orthographic variants: TTuvalu uvalu auvalu buvalu cuvalu duvalu euvalu fuvalu guvalu huvalu iuvalu juvalu kuvalu luvalu muvalu nuvalu ouvalu puvalu quvalu ruvalu suvalu tuvalu uuvalu vuvalu wuvalu xuvalu yuvalu zuvalu Tuuvalu Tvalu Tavalu Tbvalu Tcvalu Tdvalu Tevalu Tfvalu Tgvalu Thvalu Tivalu Tjvalu Tkvalu Tlvalu Tmvalu Tnvalu Tovalu Tpvalu Tqvalu Trvalu Tsvalu Ttvalu Tuvalu Tvvalu Twvalu Txvalu Tyvalu Tzvalu Tuvvalu Tualu Tuaalu Tubalu Tucalu Tudalu Tuealu Tufalu Tugalu Tuhalu Tuialu Tujalu Tukalu Tulalu Tumalu Tunalu Tuoalu Tupalu Tuqalu Turalu Tusalu Tutalu Tuualu Tuvalu Tuwalu Tuxalu Tuyalu Tuzalu Tuvaalu Tuvlu Tuvalu Tuvblu Tuvclu Tuvdlu Tuvelu Tuvflu Tuvglu Tuvhlu Tuvilu Tuvjlu Tuvklu Tuvllu Tuvmlu Tuvnlu Tuvolu Tuvplu Tuvqlu Tuvrlu Tuvslu Tuvtlu Tuvulu Tuvvlu Tuvwlu Tuvxlu Tuvylu Tuvzlu Tuvallu Tuvau Tuvaau Tuvabu Tuvacu Tuvadu Tuvaeu Tuvafu Tuvagu Tuvahu Tuvaiu Tuvaju Tuvaku Tuvalu Tuvamu Tuvanu Tuvaou Tuvapu Tuvaqu Tuvaru Tuvasu Tuvatu Tuvauu Tuvavu Tuvawu Tuvaxu Tuvayu Tuvazu Tuvaluu Tuval Tuvala Tuvalb Tuvalc Tuvald Tuvale Tuvalf Tuvalg Tuvalh Tuvali Tuvalj Tuvalk Tuvall Tuvalm Tuvaln Tuvalo Tuvalp Tuvalq Tuvalr Tuvals Tuvalt Tuvalu Tuvalv Tuvalw Tuvalx Tuvaly Tuvalz