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Orthographic variants: TTaiwan aiwan aaiwan baiwan caiwan daiwan eaiwan faiwan gaiwan haiwan iaiwan jaiwan kaiwan laiwan maiwan naiwan oaiwan paiwan qaiwan raiwan saiwan taiwan uaiwan vaiwan waiwan xaiwan yaiwan zaiwan Taaiwan Tiwan Taiwan Tbiwan Tciwan Tdiwan Teiwan Tfiwan Tgiwan Thiwan Tiiwan Tjiwan Tkiwan Tliwan Tmiwan Tniwan Toiwan Tpiwan Tqiwan Triwan Tsiwan Ttiwan Tuiwan Tviwan Twiwan Txiwan Tyiwan Tziwan Taiiwan Tawan Taawan Tabwan Tacwan Tadwan Taewan Tafwan Tagwan Tahwan Taiwan Tajwan Takwan Talwan Tamwan Tanwan Taowan Tapwan Taqwan Tarwan Taswan Tatwan Tauwan Tavwan Tawwan Taxwan Taywan Tazwan Taiwwan Taian Taiaan Taiban Taican Taidan Taiean Taifan Taigan Taihan Taiian Taijan Taikan Tailan Taiman Tainan Taioan Taipan Taiqan Tairan Taisan Taitan Taiuan Taivan Taiwan Taixan Taiyan Taizan Taiwaan Taiwn Taiwan Taiwbn Taiwcn Taiwdn Taiwen Taiwfn Taiwgn Taiwhn Taiwin Taiwjn Taiwkn Taiwln Taiwmn Taiwnn Taiwon Taiwpn Taiwqn Taiwrn Taiwsn Taiwtn Taiwun Taiwvn Taiwwn Taiwxn Taiwyn Taiwzn Taiwann Taiwa Taiwaa Taiwab Taiwac Taiwad Taiwae Taiwaf Taiwag Taiwah Taiwai Taiwaj Taiwak Taiwal Taiwam Taiwan Taiwao Taiwap Taiwaq Taiwar Taiwas Taiwat Taiwau Taiwav Taiwaw Taiwax Taiway Taiwaz