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Orthographic variants: SSuriname uriname auriname buriname curiname duriname euriname furiname guriname huriname iuriname juriname kuriname luriname muriname nuriname ouriname puriname quriname ruriname suriname turiname uuriname vuriname wuriname xuriname yuriname zuriname Suuriname Sriname Sariname Sbriname Scriname Sdriname Seriname Sfriname Sgriname Shriname Siriname Sjriname Skriname Slriname Smriname Snriname Soriname Spriname Sqriname Srriname Ssriname Striname Suriname Svriname Swriname Sxriname Syriname Szriname Surriname Suiname Suainame Subiname Suciname Sudiname Sueiname Sufiname Suginame Suhiname Suiiname Sujiname Sukiname Suliname Suminame Suniname Suoiname Supiname Suqiname Suriname Susiname Sutiname Suuiname Suviname Suwiname Suxiname Suyiname Suziname Suriiname Surname Suraname Surbname Surcname Surdname Surename Surfname Surgname Surhname Suriname Surjname Surkname Surlname Surmname Surnname Suroname Surpname Surqname Surrname Sursname Surtname Suruname Survname Surwname Surxname Suryname Surzname Surinname Suriame Suriaame Suribame Suricame Suridame Surieame Surifame Surigame Surihame Suriiame Surijame Surikame Surilame Surimame Suriname Surioame Suripame Suriqame Surirame Surisame Suritame Suriuame Surivame Suriwame Surixame Suriyame Surizame Surinaame Surinme Suriname Surinbme Surincme Surindme Surineme Surinfme Suringme Surinhme Surinime Surinjme Surinkme Surinlme Surinmme Surinnme Surinome Surinpme Surinqme Surinrme Surinsme Surintme Surinume Surinvme Surinwme Surinxme Surinyme Surinzme Surinamme Surinae Surinaae Surinabe Surinace Surinade Surinaee Surinafe Surinage Surinahe Surinaie Surinaje Surinake Surinale Suriname Surinane Surinaoe Surinape Surinaqe Surinare Surinase Surinate Surinaue Surinave Surinawe Surinaxe Surinaye Surinaze Surinamee Surinam Surinama Surinamb Surinamc Surinamd Suriname Surinamf Surinamg Surinamh Surinami Surinamj Surinamk Surinaml Surinamm Surinamn Surinamo Surinamp Surinamq Surinamr Surinams Surinamt Surinamu Surinamv Surinamw Surinamx Surinamy Surinamz