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Orthographic variants: PPortugal ortugal aortugal bortugal cortugal dortugal eortugal fortugal gortugal hortugal iortugal jortugal kortugal lortugal mortugal nortugal oortugal portugal qortugal rortugal sortugal tortugal uortugal vortugal wortugal xortugal yortugal zortugal Poortugal Prtugal Partugal Pbrtugal Pcrtugal Pdrtugal Pertugal Pfrtugal Pgrtugal Phrtugal Pirtugal Pjrtugal Pkrtugal Plrtugal Pmrtugal Pnrtugal Portugal Pprtugal Pqrtugal Prrtugal Psrtugal Ptrtugal Purtugal Pvrtugal Pwrtugal Pxrtugal Pyrtugal Pzrtugal Porrtugal Potugal Poatugal Pobtugal Poctugal Podtugal Poetugal Poftugal Pogtugal Pohtugal Poitugal Pojtugal Poktugal Poltugal Pomtugal Pontugal Pootugal Poptugal Poqtugal Portugal Postugal Pottugal Poutugal Povtugal Powtugal Poxtugal Poytugal Poztugal Porttugal Porugal Poraugal Porbugal Porcugal Pordugal Poreugal Porfugal Porgugal Porhugal Poriugal Porjugal Porkugal Porlugal Pormugal Pornugal Porougal Porpugal Porqugal Porrugal Porsugal Portugal Poruugal Porvugal Porwugal Porxugal Poryugal Porzugal Portuugal Portgal Portagal Portbgal Portcgal Portdgal Portegal Portfgal Portggal Porthgal Portigal Portjgal Portkgal Portlgal Portmgal Portngal Portogal Portpgal Portqgal Portrgal Portsgal Porttgal Portugal Portvgal Portwgal Portxgal Portygal Portzgal Portuggal Portual Portuaal Portubal Portucal Portudal Portueal Portufal Portugal Portuhal Portuial Portujal Portukal Portulal Portumal Portunal Portuoal Portupal Portuqal Portural Portusal Portutal Portuual Portuval Portuwal Portuxal Portuyal Portuzal Portugaal Portugl Portugal Portugbl Portugcl Portugdl Portugel Portugfl Portuggl Portughl Portugil Portugjl Portugkl Portugll Portugml Portugnl Portugol Portugpl Portugql Portugrl Portugsl Portugtl Portugul Portugvl Portugwl Portugxl Portugyl Portugzl Portugall Portuga Portugaa Portugab Portugac Portugad Portugae Portugaf Portugag Portugah Portugai Portugaj Portugak Portugal Portugam Portugan Portugao Portugap Portugaq Portugar Portugas Portugat Portugau Portugav Portugaw Portugax Portugay Portugaz