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Orthographic variants: NNepal epal aepal bepal cepal depal eepal fepal gepal hepal iepal jepal kepal lepal mepal nepal oepal pepal qepal repal sepal tepal uepal vepal wepal xepal yepal zepal Neepal Npal Napal Nbpal Ncpal Ndpal Nepal Nfpal Ngpal Nhpal Nipal Njpal Nkpal Nlpal Nmpal Nnpal Nopal Nppal Nqpal Nrpal Nspal Ntpal Nupal Nvpal Nwpal Nxpal Nypal Nzpal Neppal Neal Neaal Nebal Necal Nedal Neeal Nefal Negal Nehal Neial Nejal Nekal Nelal Nemal Nenal Neoal Nepal Neqal Neral Nesal Netal Neual Neval Newal Nexal Neyal Nezal Nepaal Nepl Nepal Nepbl Nepcl Nepdl Nepel Nepfl Nepgl Nephl Nepil Nepjl Nepkl Nepll Nepml Nepnl Nepol Neppl Nepql Neprl Nepsl Neptl Nepul Nepvl Nepwl Nepxl Nepyl Nepzl Nepall Nepa Nepaa Nepab Nepac Nepad Nepae Nepaf Nepag Nepah Nepai Nepaj Nepak Nepal Nepam Nepan Nepao Nepap Nepaq Nepar Nepas Nepat Nepau Nepav Nepaw Nepax Nepay Nepaz