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Orthographic variants: MMalawi alawi aalawi balawi calawi dalawi ealawi falawi galawi halawi ialawi jalawi kalawi lalawi malawi nalawi oalawi palawi qalawi ralawi salawi talawi ualawi valawi walawi xalawi yalawi zalawi Maalawi Mlawi Malawi Mblawi Mclawi Mdlawi Melawi Mflawi Mglawi Mhlawi Milawi Mjlawi Mklawi Mllawi Mmlawi Mnlawi Molawi Mplawi Mqlawi Mrlawi Mslawi Mtlawi Mulawi Mvlawi Mwlawi Mxlawi Mylawi Mzlawi Mallawi Maawi Maaawi Mabawi Macawi Madawi Maeawi Mafawi Magawi Mahawi Maiawi Majawi Makawi Malawi Mamawi Manawi Maoawi Mapawi Maqawi Marawi Masawi Matawi Mauawi Mavawi Mawawi Maxawi Mayawi Mazawi Malaawi Malwi Malawi Malbwi Malcwi Maldwi Malewi Malfwi Malgwi Malhwi Maliwi Maljwi Malkwi Mallwi Malmwi Malnwi Malowi Malpwi Malqwi Malrwi Malswi Maltwi Maluwi Malvwi Malwwi Malxwi Malywi Malzwi Malawwi Malai Malaai Malabi Malaci Maladi Malaei Malafi Malagi Malahi Malaii Malaji Malaki Malali Malami Malani Malaoi Malapi Malaqi Malari Malasi Malati Malaui Malavi Malawi Malaxi Malayi Malazi Malawii Malaw Malawa Malawb Malawc Malawd Malawe Malawf Malawg Malawh Malawi Malawj Malawk Malawl Malawm Malawn Malawo Malawp Malawq Malawr Malaws Malawt Malawu Malawv Malaww Malawx Malawy Malawz