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Orthographic variants: GGuinea uinea auinea buinea cuinea duinea euinea fuinea guinea huinea iuinea juinea kuinea luinea muinea nuinea ouinea puinea quinea ruinea suinea tuinea uuinea vuinea wuinea xuinea yuinea zuinea Guuinea Ginea Gainea Gbinea Gcinea Gdinea Geinea Gfinea Gginea Ghinea Giinea Gjinea Gkinea Glinea Gminea Gninea Goinea Gpinea Gqinea Grinea Gsinea Gtinea Guinea Gvinea Gwinea Gxinea Gyinea Gzinea Guiinea Gunea Guanea Gubnea Gucnea Gudnea Guenea Gufnea Gugnea Guhnea Guinea Gujnea Guknea Gulnea Gumnea Gunnea Guonea Gupnea Guqnea Gurnea Gusnea Gutnea Guunea Guvnea Guwnea Guxnea Guynea Guznea Guinnea Guiea Guiaea Guibea Guicea Guidea Guieea Guifea Guigea Guihea Guiiea Guijea Guikea Guilea Guimea Guinea Guioea Guipea Guiqea Guirea Guisea Guitea Guiuea Guivea Guiwea Guixea Guiyea Guizea Guineea Guina Guinaa Guinba Guinca Guinda Guinea Guinfa Guinga Guinha Guinia Guinja Guinka Guinla Guinma Guinna Guinoa Guinpa Guinqa Guinra Guinsa Guinta Guinua Guinva Guinwa Guinxa Guinya Guinza Guineaa Guine Guinea Guineb Guinec Guined Guinee Guinef Guineg Guineh Guinei Guinej Guinek Guinel Guinem Guinen Guineo Guinep Guineq Guiner Guines Guinet Guineu Guinev Guinew Guinex Guiney Guinez