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Orthographic variants: GGeorgia eorgia aeorgia beorgia ceorgia deorgia eeorgia feorgia georgia heorgia ieorgia jeorgia keorgia leorgia meorgia neorgia oeorgia peorgia qeorgia reorgia seorgia teorgia ueorgia veorgia weorgia xeorgia yeorgia zeorgia Geeorgia Gorgia Gaorgia Gborgia Gcorgia Gdorgia Georgia Gforgia Ggorgia Ghorgia Giorgia Gjorgia Gkorgia Glorgia Gmorgia Gnorgia Goorgia Gporgia Gqorgia Grorgia Gsorgia Gtorgia Guorgia Gvorgia Gworgia Gxorgia Gyorgia Gzorgia Geoorgia Gergia Geargia Gebrgia Gecrgia Gedrgia Geergia Gefrgia Gegrgia Gehrgia Geirgia Gejrgia Gekrgia Gelrgia Gemrgia Genrgia Georgia Geprgia Geqrgia Gerrgia Gesrgia Getrgia Geurgia Gevrgia Gewrgia Gexrgia Geyrgia Gezrgia Georrgia Geogia Geoagia Geobgia Geocgia Geodgia Geoegia Geofgia Geoggia Geohgia Geoigia Geojgia Geokgia Geolgia Geomgia Geongia Geoogia Geopgia Geoqgia Georgia Geosgia Geotgia Geougia Geovgia Geowgia Geoxgia Geoygia Geozgia Georggia Georia Georaia Georbia Georcia Geordia Georeia Georfia Georgia Georhia Georiia Georjia Georkia Georlia Geormia Geornia Georoia Georpia Georqia Georria Georsia Geortia Georuia Georvia Georwia Georxia Georyia Georzia Georgiia Georga Georgaa Georgba Georgca Georgda Georgea Georgfa Georgga Georgha Georgia Georgja Georgka Georgla Georgma Georgna Georgoa Georgpa Georgqa Georgra Georgsa Georgta Georgua Georgva Georgwa Georgxa Georgya Georgza Georgiaa Georgi Georgia Georgib Georgic Georgid Georgie Georgif Georgig Georgih Georgii Georgij Georgik Georgil Georgim Georgin Georgio Georgip Georgiq Georgir Georgis Georgit Georgiu Georgiv Georgiw Georgix Georgiy Georgiz