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Orthographic variants: FFrance rance arance brance crance drance erance france grance hrance irance jrance krance lrance mrance nrance orance prance qrance rrance srance trance urance vrance wrance xrance yrance zrance Frrance Fance Faance Fbance Fcance Fdance Feance Ffance Fgance Fhance Fiance Fjance Fkance Flance Fmance Fnance Foance Fpance Fqance France Fsance Ftance Fuance Fvance Fwance Fxance Fyance Fzance Fraance Frnce France Frbnce Frcnce Frdnce Frence Frfnce Frgnce Frhnce Frince Frjnce Frknce Frlnce Frmnce Frnnce Fronce Frpnce Frqnce Frrnce Frsnce Frtnce Frunce Frvnce Frwnce Frxnce Frynce Frznce Frannce Frace Fraace Frabce Fracce Fradce Fraece Frafce Fragce Frahce Fraice Frajce Frakce Fralce Framce France Fraoce Frapce Fraqce Frarce Frasce Fratce Frauce Fravce Frawce Fraxce Frayce Frazce Francce Frane Franae Franbe France Frande Franee Franfe Frange Franhe Franie Franje Franke Franle Franme Franne Franoe Franpe Franqe Franre Franse Frante Franue Franve Franwe Franxe Franye Franze Francee Franc Franca Francb Francc Francd France Francf Francg Franch Franci Francj Franck Francl Francm Francn Franco Francp Francq Francr Francs Franct Francu Francv Francw Francx Francy Francz