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Orthographic variants: BBurkina Faso urkina Faso aurkina Faso burkina Faso curkina Faso durkina Faso eurkina Faso furkina Faso gurkina Faso hurkina Faso iurkina Faso jurkina Faso kurkina Faso lurkina Faso murkina Faso nurkina Faso ourkina Faso purkina Faso qurkina Faso rurkina Faso surkina Faso turkina Faso uurkina Faso vurkina Faso wurkina Faso xurkina Faso yurkina Faso zurkina Faso Buurkina Faso Brkina Faso Barkina Faso Bbrkina Faso Bcrkina Faso Bdrkina Faso Berkina Faso Bfrkina Faso Bgrkina Faso Bhrkina Faso Birkina Faso Bjrkina Faso Bkrkina Faso Blrkina Faso Bmrkina Faso Bnrkina Faso Borkina Faso Bprkina Faso Bqrkina Faso Brrkina Faso Bsrkina Faso Btrkina Faso Burkina Faso Bvrkina Faso Bwrkina Faso Bxrkina Faso Byrkina Faso Bzrkina Faso Burrkina Faso Bukina Faso Buakina Faso Bubkina Faso Buckina Faso Budkina Faso Buekina Faso Bufkina Faso Bugkina Faso Buhkina Faso Buikina Faso Bujkina Faso Bukkina Faso Bulkina Faso Bumkina Faso Bunkina Faso Buokina Faso Bupkina Faso Buqkina Faso Burkina Faso Buskina Faso Butkina Faso Buukina Faso Buvkina Faso Buwkina Faso Buxkina Faso Buykina Faso Buzkina Faso Burkkina Faso Burina Faso Buraina Faso Burbina Faso Burcina Faso Burdina Faso Bureina Faso Burfina Faso Burgina Faso Burhina Faso Buriina Faso Burjina Faso Burkina Faso Burlina Faso Burmina Faso Burnina Faso Buroina Faso Burpina Faso Burqina Faso Burrina Faso Bursina Faso Burtina Faso Buruina Faso Burvina Faso Burwina Faso Burxina Faso Buryina Faso Burzina Faso Burkiina Faso Burkna Faso Burkana Faso Burkbna Faso Burkcna Faso Burkdna Faso Burkena Faso Burkfna Faso Burkgna Faso Burkhna Faso Burkina Faso Burkjna Faso Burkkna Faso Burklna Faso Burkmna Faso Burknna Faso Burkona Faso Burkpna Faso Burkqna Faso Burkrna Faso Burksna Faso Burktna Faso Burkuna Faso Burkvna Faso Burkwna Faso Burkxna Faso Burkyna Faso Burkzna Faso Burkinna Faso Burkia Faso Burkiaa Faso Burkiba Faso Burkica Faso Burkida Faso Burkiea Faso Burkifa Faso Burkiga Faso Burkiha Faso Burkiia Faso Burkija Faso Burkika Faso Burkila Faso Burkima Faso Burkina Faso Burkioa Faso Burkipa Faso Burkiqa Faso Burkira Faso Burkisa Faso Burkita Faso Burkiua Faso Burkiva Faso Burkiwa Faso Burkixa Faso Burkiya Faso Burkiza Faso Burkinaa Faso Burkin Faso Burkina Faso Burkinb Faso Burkinc Faso Burkind Faso Burkine Faso Burkinf Faso Burking Faso Burkinh Faso Burkini Faso Burkinj Faso Burkink Faso Burkinl Faso Burkinm Faso Burkinn Faso Burkino Faso Burkinp Faso Burkinq Faso Burkinr Faso Burkins Faso Burkint Faso Burkinu Faso Burkinv Faso Burkinw Faso Burkinx Faso Burkiny Faso Burkinz Faso Burkina Faso BurkinaFaso BurkinaaFaso BurkinabFaso BurkinacFaso BurkinadFaso BurkinaeFaso BurkinafFaso BurkinagFaso BurkinahFaso BurkinaiFaso BurkinajFaso BurkinakFaso BurkinalFaso BurkinamFaso BurkinanFaso BurkinaoFaso BurkinapFaso BurkinaqFaso BurkinarFaso BurkinasFaso BurkinatFaso BurkinauFaso BurkinavFaso BurkinawFaso BurkinaxFaso BurkinayFaso BurkinazFaso Burkina FFaso Burkina aso Burkina aaso Burkina baso Burkina caso Burkina daso Burkina easo Burkina faso Burkina gaso Burkina haso Burkina iaso Burkina jaso Burkina kaso Burkina laso Burkina maso Burkina naso Burkina oaso Burkina paso Burkina qaso Burkina raso Burkina saso Burkina taso Burkina uaso Burkina vaso Burkina waso Burkina xaso Burkina yaso Burkina zaso Burkina Faaso Burkina Fso Burkina Faso Burkina Fbso Burkina Fcso Burkina Fdso Burkina Feso Burkina Ffso Burkina Fgso Burkina Fhso Burkina Fiso Burkina Fjso Burkina Fkso Burkina Flso Burkina Fmso Burkina Fnso Burkina Foso Burkina Fpso Burkina Fqso Burkina Frso Burkina Fsso Burkina Ftso Burkina Fuso Burkina Fvso Burkina Fwso Burkina Fxso Burkina Fyso Burkina Fzso Burkina Fasso Burkina Fao Burkina Faao Burkina Fabo Burkina Faco Burkina Fado Burkina Faeo Burkina Fafo Burkina Fago Burkina Faho Burkina Faio Burkina Fajo Burkina Fako Burkina Falo Burkina Famo Burkina Fano Burkina Faoo Burkina Fapo Burkina Faqo Burkina Faro Burkina Faso Burkina Fato Burkina Fauo Burkina Favo Burkina Fawo Burkina Faxo Burkina Fayo Burkina Fazo Burkina Fasoo Burkina Fas Burkina Fasa Burkina Fasb Burkina Fasc Burkina Fasd Burkina Fase Burkina Fasf Burkina Fasg Burkina Fash Burkina Fasi Burkina Fasj Burkina Fask Burkina Fasl Burkina Fasm Burkina Fasn Burkina Faso Burkina Fasp Burkina Fasq Burkina Fasr Burkina Fass Burkina Fast Burkina Fasu Burkina Fasv Burkina Fasw Burkina Fasx Burkina Fasy Burkina Fasz