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Orthographic variants: BBrunei runei arunei brunei crunei drunei erunei frunei grunei hrunei irunei jrunei krunei lrunei mrunei nrunei orunei prunei qrunei rrunei srunei trunei urunei vrunei wrunei xrunei yrunei zrunei Brrunei Bunei Baunei Bbunei Bcunei Bdunei Beunei Bfunei Bgunei Bhunei Biunei Bjunei Bkunei Blunei Bmunei Bnunei Bounei Bpunei Bqunei Brunei Bsunei Btunei Buunei Bvunei Bwunei Bxunei Byunei Bzunei Bruunei Brnei Branei Brbnei Brcnei Brdnei Brenei Brfnei Brgnei Brhnei Brinei Brjnei Brknei Brlnei Brmnei Brnnei Bronei Brpnei Brqnei Brrnei Brsnei Brtnei Brunei Brvnei Brwnei Brxnei Brynei Brznei Brunnei Bruei Bruaei Brubei Brucei Brudei Brueei Brufei Brugei Bruhei Bruiei Brujei Brukei Brulei Brumei Brunei Bruoei Brupei Bruqei Brurei Brusei Brutei Bruuei Bruvei Bruwei Bruxei Bruyei Bruzei Bruneei Bruni Brunai Brunbi Brunci Brundi Brunei Brunfi Brungi Brunhi Brunii Brunji Brunki Brunli Brunmi Brunni Brunoi Brunpi Brunqi Brunri Brunsi Brunti Brunui Brunvi Brunwi Brunxi Brunyi Brunzi Bruneii Brune Brunea Bruneb Brunec Bruned Brunee Brunef Bruneg Bruneh Brunei Brunej Brunek Brunel Brunem Brunen Bruneo Brunep Bruneq Bruner Brunes Brunet Bruneu Brunev Brunew Brunex Bruney Brunez