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More locations: Bruxelles-Capitale - Vlaanderen - Wallonie

Orthographic variants: BBelgium elgium aelgium belgium celgium delgium eelgium felgium gelgium helgium ielgium jelgium kelgium lelgium melgium nelgium oelgium pelgium qelgium relgium selgium telgium uelgium velgium welgium xelgium yelgium zelgium Beelgium Blgium Balgium Bblgium Bclgium Bdlgium Belgium Bflgium Bglgium Bhlgium Bilgium Bjlgium Bklgium Bllgium Bmlgium Bnlgium Bolgium Bplgium Bqlgium Brlgium Bslgium Btlgium Bulgium Bvlgium Bwlgium Bxlgium Bylgium Bzlgium Bellgium Begium Beagium Bebgium Becgium Bedgium Beegium Befgium Beggium Behgium Beigium Bejgium Bekgium Belgium Bemgium Bengium Beogium Bepgium Beqgium Bergium Besgium Betgium Beugium Bevgium Bewgium Bexgium Beygium Bezgium Belggium Belium Belaium Belbium Belcium Beldium Beleium Belfium Belgium Belhium Beliium Beljium Belkium Bellium Belmium Belnium Beloium Belpium Belqium Belrium Belsium Beltium Beluium Belvium Belwium Belxium Belyium Belzium Belgiium Belgum Belgaum Belgbum Belgcum Belgdum Belgeum Belgfum Belggum Belghum Belgium Belgjum Belgkum Belglum Belgmum Belgnum Belgoum Belgpum Belgqum Belgrum Belgsum Belgtum Belguum Belgvum Belgwum Belgxum Belgyum Belgzum Belgiuum Belgim Belgiam Belgibm Belgicm Belgidm Belgiem Belgifm Belgigm Belgihm Belgiim Belgijm Belgikm Belgilm Belgimm Belginm Belgiom Belgipm Belgiqm Belgirm Belgism Belgitm Belgium Belgivm Belgiwm Belgixm Belgiym Belgizm Belgiumm Belgiu Belgiua Belgiub Belgiuc Belgiud Belgiue Belgiuf Belgiug Belgiuh Belgiui Belgiuj Belgiuk Belgiul Belgium Belgiun Belgiuo Belgiup Belgiuq Belgiur Belgius Belgiut Belgiuu Belgiuv Belgiuw Belgiux Belgiuy Belgiuz